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San Diego Law Enforcement Wants Your Old Presciption Drugs

San Diego County law enforcement authorities are asking people to clean out their medicine cabinets to help prevent prescription drug abuse.

It's part of the first ever nationwide campaign to destroy unneeded prescription drugs.

People can drop off prescription drugs, no questions asked, at 26 sites around San Diego County and four in Imperial County this Saturday.


Ralph Partridge heads the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) in San Diego. He says the agency is after expired drugs, and any drugs left over.

"What we're finding out is that about 70 percent of the folks say they get the drugs from their family and friends. Way they get those is by taking them from people's homes when they're visiting. They're taking them from their own homes, their parents. And sometimes it is burglaries once people know they have prescription drugs inside the residences," said Partridge.

He says some prescription painkillers have a street value of up to $80 per pill.

The San Diego Medical Examiner's office says prescription drug deaths are the rise.

You can find a drop off locations at

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