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Man Sentenced For Offering Bounty For Daughter's Beau

A Spring Valley man who put up posters offering a $3,000 "dead or alive" bounty on his daughter's boyfriend, a registered sex offender, was sentenced Monday in an El Cajon courtroom.

Domingos Jose Oliveira, 49, was convicted last month of solicitation of murder and making a criminal threat against his daughter's boyfriend, 33-year-old Sean Kirk, along with a hate crime allegation. Jurors deadlocked on a threat charge against the defendant's daughter.

Oliveira, who faced up to 12 years and eight months in prison, was ordered by Judge William McGrath to serve a 7-year, 4-month sentence.


Kirk told police he received numerous threatening emails and text messages while dating 20-year-old Samantha Oliveira earlier this year.

The victim said he was in class at Grossmont College when a teacher told him there were posters all over campus marked "dead or alive" and pointing out that he was a sex offender.

Kirk admitted to being a registered sex offender, saying he pleaded guilty to having sex with a girl he thought was 18.

Samantha Oliveira testified that her father was a racist and often made threats against her boyfriends.

Oliveira was arrested the morning of March 25 at his home, several hours after a search warrant was served at the Roadside Place residence, according to La Mesa police.


Police said they found the wanted poster on the defendant's computer.