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New Home For Surfing Madonna Up For Debate

The Surfing Madonna in Encinitas
Alison St John
The Surfing Madonna in Encinitas

The proposed location for the popular Surfing Madonna is the topic of a meeting in San Diego's North County today.

But the mosaic may still be a long way from finding a permanent home.

Artist Mark Patterson wants to put the 10-foot by 10-foot art piece, with the words, Save The Ocean, at Moonlight Beach in Encinitas, just down the street from its original location.


The artwork mysteriously appeared in April under an overpass. Shortly after, the city ordered Patterson to take it down.

Patterson says the new location is a good fit for the mosaic.

"I think the parking is a lot better over there. (There are) a lot fewer issues with regard to public safety, and I think its as an entry way to Moonlight Beach it's a nice welcome to people coming down to Encinitas Boulevard, " he said.

The approval process is expected to be complicated by another issue- the separation of church and state, since some consider the artwork religious.

The city's art commission will review a new report by a trio of its members. The commission is expected to vote on the proposal Monday night. If the commission approves the plan, the Encinitas City Council and state officials would still have to sign off on the agreement.


Patterson is also focusing on fundraising. There's an event scheduled for Thursday from 5 p.m. to 9 p.m at WineSteals in Cardiff.

Patterson said the central panel of the mosaic is in storage, but it will be featured at an all Virgin of Guadalupe art show at the Roots Factory in Barrio Logan on Saturday.