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KPBS Midday Edition

Did Murphy's Law Derail Dick Murphy?

Dick Murphy was accused of being one of the worst mayors in the country.
He says the mismanagement of previous administrations combined with scandals and a wildfire sidelined his vision for San Diego.

KPBS Host Joanne Faryon interviews former San Diego Dick Murphy on Wednesday's show.

The old saying known as Murphy's law states "whatever can go wrong, will go wrong."

Former San Diego Mayor Dick Murphy has now adopted Murphy's law as one of the key explanations of his one term and three months in office. Murphy led the city from December 2000 to April 2005.

During that time, the economic calamity of the city's underfunded pension obligations came to light, the largest wildfire in California history, tore through the county, members of the San Diego City Council were indicted by federal authorities in Strippergate, and Mayor Murphy was dubbed one of the three worst mayors in the country by Time Magazine.

It's no wonder Murphy has taken some time out of the public spotlight. But now he's back, with a book explaining some of the debacles of the past and outlining his vision for San Diego's future.


The book is called "San Diego's Judge Mayor."