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Chapter Twenty Three

Chapter Synopsis

Chava was very alluring back in Tres Camarones. His bowling winnings bought him fine clothes and jewelry. Chava introduced Irma to the cinema, who would follow him and his dates to the movies and watch him the entire time instead of the film. The night they met was amazing. It was a mixed men and women’s bowling championship and Chava had lost miserably to a newcomer from El Rosario. This allowed him to sit in the audience and watch Irma win the competition. When she won he jumped over the rail and lifted her into the air. They made love that night in his car, Irma’s first and last. She didn’t enjoy the act so much as she enjoyed him.

In 1963 he went north to Tijuana and found work. He sent Irma plenty of letters and postcards, but when she came north for a bowling championship she expected a wedding, and got a cold, distant man. Upon arrival back home she learned from her mother that he had impregnated a blonde American woman from San Diego and was planning on marrying her. That was the day Irma died, and La Osa emerged.

The girls arrive at the bowling alley to find Chava with Atómiko and Matt. Atómiko and Nayeli sit down with him. He asks about Irma, and tells them the blonde left him with the baby, but he was too ashamed to return home. Nayeli tells him of their quest and he volunteers to join. They come back home, happy to announce to Vampi they now have one warrior. She glances at El Brujo and replies that they have two.