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Thank Goodness I Don't Live In Ohio

Photo illustration by Tracy Greer

Thank goodness I don’t live in Ohio, Florida or any of the other “swing” states. I cannot imagine the incredible amount of political advertising people in those states must suffer.

It’s bad enough with the local candidates and out-of-state money carpet bombing the television airwaves. I literally turned the late newscast off last night after enduring another round of “He/she is so bad. He/she said something 12 years ago. He/she voted for or against some vague issue in high school” spots.

The Independent Expenditure Committees are raining money on the political landscape. At the same time I hear about how local food banks are desperate for donations. I wonder what would happen if just one of those IEC’s or candidate campaigns were to run a spot with no sound that just said, “We donated the price of one television ad to the local food bank. Please enjoy 30 seconds of quiet.”


Then have the candidate come on and say, “My name is _ and I approve this message.”

Now THAT would be radical.

I’m not holding my breath. That will probably happen during the same newscast that pigs are reported flying and there is video of Sasquatch riding a unicorn.