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Calif. GOP Lawmakers: Find Other Trigger Cuts if Prop 30 Fails

Republican legislative leaders said they’d be willing to reverse the California budget’s automatic trigger cuts to education if voters reject Proposition 30 next week.

Assembly Minority Leader Connie Conway said Republicans want to look for savings elsewhere.

“We’re not throwing down a gauntlet," said Conway. "This is a sincere outreach, I think. I don’t think anybody wants these trigger cuts to happen. And so if those taxes don’t pass, we want to get right to work to this."


The spending plan Governor Jerry Brown signed this summer calls for $6 billion dollars in reductions to K-12 and higher education if Prop 30 fails. Many school districts have said they would eliminate up to three weeks of classes, and UC and CSU students would face higher tuition.

Brown has promised to veto any effort to reverse the trigger cuts.