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Reverse Angle Parking Spots Could Come To San Diego

A reverse angle parking spot.
Channel 10 News
A reverse angle parking spot.

Drivers looking for a parking space in one part of the city of San Diego may have to develop some new parking skills.

Thanks to a recommendation from a San Diego City Council committee, the city may soon welcome its first reverse angle parking spots.

In Golden Hill, the standard street parking space could soon give way to reverse angled parking, specifically on 25th Street, between Broadway and B Street.


Instead of pulling into a spot, drivers will have to back into the spot at an angle.

The theory is because a driver is backing into the spot, when it is time to leave that spot, the driver has a clear view of where he or she is going

Another problem addressed by the parking space proposal is no more doors opening and taking out bicyclists.

The unique parking spots have backed into dozens of cities. In Tucson, Ariz., the spots have reduced car/bike crashes from about 40 per year to zero in some locations.

In Austin, Texas, the spots have caused frustration and anger, as drivers trying to get into the spots create traffic logjams.


Drivers in Golden Hill are bracing themselves.

"I think it's going to be bad, especially during rush hour. People will be upset with each other, trying to make people rush," said Mariana Gonzalez, who lives near the parking zone.

The new spots would add parking as part of a street enhancement project in Golden Hill.

Dustin Elliot, who bikes in the area every day, said, "It would definitely feel safer. I've had some encounters with cars backing up."

The city's Land Use and Housing Committee has recommended the parking to the City Council.