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Same-Sex Couples Mark First Walk-In Wedding Day In San Diego County

Same-Sex Couples Mark First Walk-In Wedding Day In San Diego County
San Diego is trying to meet the high demand for marriage licenses triggered by the reversal in California’s ban on same-sex marriage.

If you wanted to get married without an appointment, today was your lucky day.

It was the first walk-in wedding Wednesday at the County Clerk’s office since the ban on gay marriage in California was lifted. A steady stream of couples clutched hands and bouquets outside the city clerk's office today. Other days during the week, those wanting to get married need an appointment. Wednesday, however, is a designated walk-in day and same-sex partners took advantage of the day to line up and be married without having to call ahead.

Newlyweds Catalina and Zara Doddridge said when the Supreme Court decision came down, they jumped into action. Zara Doddridge said after elation, her first reaction was hurried confusion.


"I was like, 'who do we call? How do we get a license?'” she said.

Getting hitched quickly was important to the couple.

Catalina is pregnant with their second child. Just 10 days from her due date, Catalina said the time is now.

"It’s extremely important because when Tomas is born, we can tell him our journey and how we had to wait, and keep watching the news, and see if it would happen and now that he’s going to be born ... his two mommies are married.”

Zara said that already the marriage is already getting of to a good start.


"We've been officially married five minutes now," she said. "Happily married.”