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Where Do You Stand On California’s Proposition 8?

People file into the Supreme Court on Tuesday for the court's hearing on Cali...

Photo by Pablo Martinez Monsivais

Above: People file into the Supreme Court on Tuesday for the court's hearing on California's Proposition 8, a voter-approved ban on same-sex marriage.

We asked KPBS sources, "What are you hoping the Supreme Court will rule on Proposition 8?" and received dozens of responses. Below are highlights from their responses, but you can see their full answers on our questionnaire.

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Kent Reedy, San Diego, CA

"I think the Court should strike it down. It blatantly prohibits one group of people from having something that confers a lot of state-sponsored benefits -- benefits that the state provides relating to taxes, for example. Individual churches can decide whether or not they want to let someone get married within their church based on doctrine, but the state shouldn't be able to do that."

Sam Ollinger, San Diego, CA

"I hope the Supreme Court will uphold the federal court's decisions and overturn Proposition 8 making it legal for gays and lesbians to marry."

Chris Petersen, Del Mar, CA

"The Supreme Court should uphold Proposition 8."

T B, San Diego, CA

"I have several friends that are gay. I love them and hold no ill feelings toward them for their chosen lifestyle. However, I do not feel same sex marriage should be permitted. Civil union is just as legally binding and will allow partners the same rights as straight couples."

Anita Hoban, Del Mar, CA

"Strike Down Prop 8. Strike down DOMA. Support the equal rights of every American. This is a human rights issue."

Natasha Papousek, Lemon Grove, CA

"I have a lot of LGBT friends and think they should have the same right to marry as anyone else. Love is love. Their relationships look exactly the same as my marriage so they should have the same legal rights as I do."

Walter Chambers, San Diego, CA

"I hope the Supreme Court will uphold the federal court's decisions and overturn Proposition 8 making it legal for gays and lesbians to marry."

Gregory Harris, Encinitas, CA

"I think it is shameful for some people to force their beliefs on others. No one is asking Mormons to marry gays, but why should two consenting adults be denied the right to get married to whoever they want to marry?"

Stephen McNabb, Bonita, CA

"My hope is for a decision that will provide equal rights to same sex couples across all 50 States, although it would seem a more narrow decision affecting California only is more likely."

Hillary Theakston, San Diego, CA

"I hope the Supreme Court will overturn Prop 8 because it is unconstitutional. My wife Carin and I were one of the lucky couples to be married in the "Prop 8 window" and today we have two daughters...Telling our daughters that her parents are married, just like her friends’ parents are, will be a victory in the human rights movement."

Lew Mills, San Diego, CA

"I hope they give a broad approval of marriage equality by putting Prop 8 in the context of civil rights."

Daniel Bilen, Solana Beach, CA

"I would like to see Prop 8 be rejected, and see this matter cease to be deemed important news any longer, there is far more important information to spread than the social constructs of if the man-made institution of marriage is to be male/female only or otherwise."

Ron Bonn, San Diego, CA

"I hope the Court overturns Prop 8 on Constitutional grounds--an individual's civil liberties are not subject to veto by a majority, however passionate."

Arlene Van de Wetering, San Diego, CA

"While I would like to see gay marriage deemed a civil right in all states, realistically striking down Prop 8 as unconstitutional in California only may be the best one can hope for."

Shauna McKellar, San Diego, CA

"I was disappointed when Prop 8 passed, but I think the state had every right to have it on the ballot and put it into law after the people voted. But I also think that it is the judicial branch's job to override the masses when they make a decision that compromises people's civil liberties, which I think this proposition does."

Kate Palese, San Diego, CA

"The ideas that these couples can't get the same rights as any heterosexual couple is absurd."

Patricia Fishtein, San Diego, CA

"For equality!"

Terry McNary, Grants Pass, OR

"I think all people should have the same legal benefits that a legal marriage provides. It's about equality for all, no matter the gender!"

Madelyn Luttgen, San Diego, CA

"I believe that those who are worried about the sanctity of marriage should be more concerned with those who get divorced or those who "live in sin" than those who want to be married."

Marcella Hammond, San Diego, CA

"I'm hoping they rule Prop 8 unconstitutional, because I believe in equality."

Kristen Koeblin, San Diego, CA

"People are people and deserve to marry who they love...I am also part of an interracial relationship, and I am well aware that 50 years ago, getting married to my boyfriend would have been illegal."

Paul Meehl, Carlsbad, CA

"I lean Libertarian, and believe that government's role should be to protect freedoms and protect citizens from harm. Without any reasonably basis for the proposition that a same-sex couple is somehow harmful to anyone else (including their children), I don't feel there is any sound argument to support such a ban."

Amanda Mascia, Oceanside, CA

"I believe that marriage is between two people that love each other (any combination) and Proposition 8 is unconstitutional."


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