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California Leads Nation In Creation Of Green Jobs

A new report finds California had nearly a quarter of all green jobs created last year.

California Leads Nation In Creation Of Green Jobs
California led the nation in the creation of green jobs last year.

Environmental Entrepreneurs tracks the creation of green jobs on a monthly basis. The 2012 wrap-up found firms announced the creation of 110,000 green jobs last year. About 26,000 of those jobs were in California.

The positions range from jobs created by solar and wind farms to positions needed to build large mass transit projects. And the people who put together the report are not surprised California is a leader.


"California has great natural resources in the sun and the wind that you have in the state, and in San Diego specifically. But also very importantly is the state's aggressiveness in making this happen," said Bob Keefe of Environmental Entrepreneurs.

The state's renewable energy standards will ensure more green jobs will be created in the future, according to Keefe. A third of all power used in the state will have to come from renewable sources by 2020.