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Mayor Faulconer Unveils 'San Diego Works' Program For Money-Saving Ideas

A program that will provide financial incentives to San Diego civic employees who pass along ideas to save money in municipal operations will begin accepting proposals Aug. 15, the mayor's office announced Tuesday.

Mayor Kevin Faulconer said the concept behind the "San Diego Works" program is to use the savings to pay for more services for residents.

Employees or groups of workers can earn up to $5,000 if their ideas are incorporated into the budget for the next fiscal year, he said. The actual bonus amount will depend on how much money is saved.


"Part of what 'San Diego Works' is about is getting these good ideas going now," Faulconer said. "And I know that there's a lot of great ideas because I've talked to folks and we want to harness that creativity immediately."

Almis Udrys, the city's director of performance and analytics, said his office will encourage employees to team up to develop proposals and submit them by Nov. 15. His office will then vet the various ideas.

The cutoff date is necessary so financial staff can include accepted proposals in the budget planning process.

"San Diegans deserve a government that works for them," Faulconer said. "This is a different way of doing things at City Hall. We can accomplish so much more when we work together. We can harness the power of great ideas for the benefit of San Diegans."

The employee incentive package was accepted by all six of the organized labor groups that represent city employees. The City Council is scheduled to vote on the labor agreement for the program at a special meeting on Thursday.


KPBS reporter Dwane Brown contributed to this report.