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Chula Vista Reviews Smart City Plans

Chula Vista City Hall, March 19, 2002.
Chula Vista City Hall, March 19, 2002.

Chula Vista officials want a private company to review the city's plan to develop smart, digital-friendly infrastructure.

The city is planning a 530-acre bay-front development that civic leaders hope reflects a commitment to energy efficiency, clean water and a strong digital backbone.

Chula Vista Reviews Smart City Plans
The city of Chula Vista is getting a second opinion as city leaders try to develop the community's smart infrastructure.

The idea is to have that bay-front development to become a blueprint for the city.


"We would like to be in a place where we would be able to provide any new business, any new residential development coming into town the opportunity to have gigabit speed internet service. Ultimately we'd like to get that gigabit speed service to every resident," City Manager Gary Halbert said.

Smart cities that work use technology to improve the quality of life and make cities more efficient, Halbert said.

"Our desire then would be to use what we learn on that platform, you know, the 530 acres of waterfront and then do something where we're looking at citywide," Halbert said.

A consulting firm will help the city draw a blueprint for smart infrastructure and the idea is to make the city more attractive for future development, Halbert said.