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Taser Use In San Diego County Questioned Amid Police Shootings

Taser Use In San Diego County Questioned Amid Police Shootings
Taser Use In San Diego Questioned Amid Police Shootings GUESTS: Karen Kucher, public safety reporter, The San Diego Union-Tribune Julia Yoo, civil-rights attorney

In the wake of recent deadly police shootings, questions have been raised about why non-lethal weapons aren't used more often.

Would pepper spray, rubber bullets or stun guns have worked in certain instances when officers shot and killed a suspect?


An investigation by The San Diego Union-Tribune has found law enforcement agencies in San Diego County have different policies on Taser use and there are lingering concerns that they can cause serious injury. In some instances, they can be fatal.

Karen Kucher, public safety reporter at the Union-Tribune and Julia Yoo, civil-rights attorney and board member of the National Police Accountability Project, discuss Tuesday on Midday Edition the risks involved with stun guns and why some want to see national guidelines on their use.

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