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From A To N: A Breakdown Of The Measures On San Diego’s November Ballot

Sam, the dog of Sandy Greenfield, left, wears an "I voted" sticker after Greenfield cast her ballot during elections in San Diego, Nov. 4, 2014.
Associated Press
Sam, the dog of Sandy Greenfield, left, wears an "I voted" sticker after Greenfield cast her ballot during elections in San Diego, Nov. 4, 2014.

It’s been a long election. And for San Diegans, that’s matched by a long ballot.

This November, San Diego voters will fill out not one but two cards. Front and back.

Beyond the races from president to school board and California’s 17 propositions, the local ballot includes two countywide and 12 citywide ballot measures.


Here’s a breakdown of the local measures:


Measure A would increase the countywide sales tax by half a cent to fund transportation, infrastructure and open space projects. Details here.

Measure B would allow the construction of 1,700 homes in an area zoned for 110 homes in North San Diego County. Details here.



Measure C would increase San Diego’s hotel occupancy tax to raise money to build a city-owned football stadium and convention center in downtown. Details here.

Measure D would raise San Diego’s hotel occupancy tax, limit a convention center expansion and calls for a major renovation in Mission Valley. Details here.

Measure E would amend procedures for removing officials from office and filling vacancies. Details here.

Measure F would cut down the amount of time a deputy city attorney has to work to get job protection from two years to one year. Details here.

Measure G would require a community board to review all deaths that occur while in custody of the San Diego Police Department and all officer-related shootings. It would give the mayor and City Council joint oversight and power to appoint board members. Details here.

Measure H would amend the process by which the city awards contracts for public goods and services. Details here.

Measure I would let San Diego Unified School District negotiate a new lease with the city to allow San Diego High School to remain at Balboa Park after its current lease ends in 2024. Details here.

Measure J would reallocate how the regional park fund is spent to take some money away from Mission Bay and give it to other city parks. Details here.

Measure K would require a November runoff election between the top two candidates in the June primary. Details here.

Measure L would require citizens’ initiatives and referenda to be voted on in the November general election, not a June primary, unless the City Council takes special action. Details here.

Measure M would raise the limit on the number of affordable housing units the city and other public agencies can help develop. Details here.

Measure N would impose a 5 percent tax on non-medical cannabis if California legalizes recreational marijuana. Details here.

Live in other parts of the county? Other measures may appear on your local ballot. Enter your address here to preview your sample ballot: