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5 Ways To Have (A Little) Fun With The November Ballot

How To Have (A Little) Fun With The November Ballot


Kim Alexander, founder/president, California Voter Foundation


Doing your homework for the Nov. 8 election doesn’t have to be boring.

There are 17 statewide propositions on the ballot that address everything from guns and marijuana to the death penalty. Voters in the city of San Diego will vote on an additional 12 measures, including one on whether to build an NFL stadium and two that would change election rules.

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To help voters tackle the ballot, the California Secretary of State published a 225-page voter guide. But the lengthy ballot has also inspired some Californians to get creative.

Here are five ways to have some fun with the 17 statewide propositions:

1. Sing a song

The California Voter Foundation squeezed the propositions into a folksy song. “This is a challenging election where voters are facing a long and complex ballot,” founder and president Kim Alexander said. “We hope that the song makes the process of getting ready to vote a little easier and more entertaining for California’s voters.”

2. Recite some haikus

Los Angeles voter Damian Carroll turned every ballot proposition into a haiku. Here's what he wrote for Proposition 64:

Legalizes pot!

Also raises some tax funds

(Perhaps a billion?)

3. Watch these quickie explainers

Public media organization KCET crammed each proposition into a minute-long video. Here's anchor Val Zavala explaining Proposition 58:

4. If emojis are more your speed...

The Los Angeles Times explained them in emojis.

5. Test your knowledge

Think you've got a good handle of the propositions? KQED, our California Counts partner in Northern California, put together this quiz.

Alexander of the California Voter Foundation joins KPBS Midday Edition on Monday to discuss more tips and resources to help California voters get ready for the big day.

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