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Courtesy of Oxford Scientific Films
Teens on a roundabout showing the four seasons.

Airs Wednesdays, July 12 & 19, 2017 at 11 p.m. on KPBS TV

— The Surprising Story of Human Development —

Packed with stories of human resilience and reinvention, these two films reveal how humans grow from children into adults.

For humans, the process of growing up is the most dramatic in the animal kingdom. We’re the only species that needs a ‘teen age’ to accommodate the extreme changes that occur in our bodies and brains.


SECRET LIFE OF GROWING UP meets the people who illustrate how we mature, from the five-year-old girl whose verbal skills saved her mother’s life on a call to the emergency services, to the 100-year-old woman whose yoga practice keeps her young.

Courtesy of Oxford Scientific Films 2016
Five-year-old girl who saved her mother by calling the emergency services.

Each story is presented with the stunning Secret Life of … cinematography that makes the ordinary seem extraordinary.


Episode 1: “Teenagers” airs Wednesday, July 12 at 11 p.m. - Growing up is the most astonishing transformation: one moment we're cute and cuddly bundles of joy and everybody loves us, but next we're bursting with emotions, and spots, and everybody hates us - or so it seems!

Courtesy of Oxford Scientific Films 2016
Child linguist who speaks can speak five different languages.

Scientists are only now discovering the many extraordinary things that happen to us as our bodies grow, and our minds mature, revealing these years are what make us who we become as adults, in all our amazing detail.

Courtesy of Oxford Scientific Films 2016
Teen BMX Champion on his bike.

Episode 2: “Golden Years” airs Wednesday, July 19 at 11 p.m. - We’re all living longer - at least one baby born this year will likely reach 150 - so what we think of as ‘old’ is changing.

Courtesy of Oxford Scientific Films 2016
Beach scene from SECRET LIFE OF GROWING UP “Golden Years.”

While we’re often told that we can be as young as we feel, science is now proving this has never been truer. We’ll reveal the extraordinary secrets of aging so that you never see ‘growing old’ in the same way again.

Oxford Scientific Films 2016
Athlete contributor from SECRET LIFE OF GROWING UP "Golden Years."

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An Oxford Scientific Films production for ITV. Distributed by BBC Worldwide. Series Producer: Luke Wiles ("Secret Life of Cats," "Secret Life of Twins"). Executive Producers: Alice Keens-Soper, Michael Massey ("Animal Odd Couples," "Secret Life of Dogs").