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Top Stories: Trump's First State Of The Union; U.S. Military Limits Afghan Data

Good morning, here are our early stories:

-- Trump To Make Bipartisan Pitch To A Divided Country In His First State Of The Union.

-- Thousands Of Kenyans Risk Arrest To Attend Symbolic Swearing-In Of Opposition Leader.


-- CIA Director Has 'Every Expectation' Russia Will Try To Influence Midterm Elections.

-- Russian Fighter Flies Within 5 Feet Of U.S. Reconnaissance Plane Over Black Sea.

-- Watchdog Report Shows Gaps In Information About Afghanistan War.

-- Serial Killer Who Worked As Gardener Buried Remains In Planters, Toronto Police Say.

-- Given Up For Dead, NASA Satellite Found Operating By Amateur Astronomer.


And here are more early headlines:

Catalan Leaders Postpone Vote For Regional Leader. (Independent)

Child Advocates Urge Facebook To End Its New Kids' App. (New York Times)

Coming Overnight Tonight: The Blue Blood Super Moon. (Phys.Org)

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