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Matt Taibbi On How The News Breeds Hate

GUEST: Matt Taibbi, author, "Hate, Inc.: How, and Why, the Press Makes Us Hate One Another."

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The cover of "Hate, Inc.: How, and Why, the Press Makes Us Hate One Another," by Matt Taibbi is pictured.

It's often said politics in the U.S. is more polarized than ever. There's no question many Americans bring hardened, subjective views to the news.

"I think journalism has really made this a much more difficult job. Now everyone can pick a network for affirmation and just kind of stew in their own juices. You have places where you can find an echo chamber and that is a problem," Missouri Senator Claire McCaskill said last week on The New York Times podcast, The Daily.

Rolling Stone contributing editor and writer Matt Taibbi agrees, arguing in his new book that it's really the news media that's got us at each other's throats.

"I just think increasingly we've gotten to a place where we are so financially incentivized to wind up our audiences, and this is true across the political spectrum, that we've created a situation where audiences are permanently upset, agitated and they're addicted to content that is just going to make them angrier," Taibbi said.

He’s writing the book, "Hate, Inc.: How, and Why, the Press Makes Us Hate One Another," in serial form, released to subscribers of the San Francisco-based web site Substack.

Matt Taibbi joins Midday Edition Thursday.

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