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Carlsbad Neighborhood Creates Swashbuckling Experience For Halloween

Andi Dukleth
A pirate-themed Halloween decoration at a home on Peppertree Way in the Bressi Ranch community in Carlsbad, Oct. 24, 2019.

A North County neighborhood offers a visual treat with no tricks.

Homeowners of the Bressi Ranch community in Carlsbad are known for their elaborate decorations, but none are quite like the row of homes along Peppertree Way.

Mimicking Disneyland’s Pirates of the Caribbean, each home features a different scene from famed ride including the treasure auction and the swashbuckling sea battle. There’s even an homage to the Bayou setting that precludes the ride’s big splash.

VIDEO: Carlsbad Neighborhood Creates Swashbuckling Experience for Halloween

Walk up a further ahead, and you’ll hear the soundtrack to the “Pirates of the Caribbean” film to take you further into the scallywagging world. With its easy access and enjoyable stroll, Bressi’s Ranch has become such a populartrick-or-treat destination.

The row of homes on “Pirates Way” isn’t the only place with the stunning designs. Other streets in the neighborhood include a spooky disco, a ghostly prom and a skeletal western saloon.

Neighbors remind visitors to be respectful of the decorations, as some homes have been victims of theft. Luckily, such ghoulish behavior is few and far between, leading to many the treasured memories among the North Country community.