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Test Your Assumptions With UC San Diego Citizen Science Online Tool

Test Your Assumptions With UC San Diego Citizen Science Online Tool
GUEST: Austin Durant, citizen experimenter and founder and chief fermentation officer, Fermenters Club Vineet Pandey, lead designer and developer, Galileo Subscribe to the Midday Edition podcast on iTunes, Google Play or your favorite podcatcher.

Ever wonder if kombucha, the fermented tea drink, is actually good for you? Like many food and drinks touted as healthy, there hasn't been much scientific research to rely on and you'd just have to come to your own conclusions.

Now a tool out of UC San Diego is empowering regular citizens to design experiments to test hypotheses and recruit participants, becoming scientists themselves. The tool is called Galileo and encourages participants to test their intuitions by asking questions like, can a vegan diet improve energy levels? Or does drinking coffee every day reduce the quality of sleep?

An experiment designed by the founder of the San Diego Fermenters Club, Austin Durant, is currently testing the impact of drinking kombucha on gut health. The experiment currently has 57 participants from around the world.


Vineet Pandey, lead designer and developer of the Galileo platform, and Durant join Midday Edition Wednesday with more on the project.