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Roundtable: San Diego's Blue Wave

Two colorful murals, one reading the word "VOTE," at Ninth Ave. and G Street in Downtown San Diego. Nov. 3, 2020.
Bennett Lacy
Two colorful murals, one reading the word "VOTE," at Ninth Ave. and G Street in Downtown San Diego. Nov. 3, 2020.
San Diego embraces Democrats at the city and county level, what the presidential election results tell us about the shifting attitudes of voters, and a roundup of some of the election results in north county.

San Diego’s Democratic Shift


Democrats at the national level didn’t quite see the blue wave they hoped for in the election, but the party made significant gains at the local level. Todd Gloria has a substantial lead to be San Diego’s next mayor, democrats will maintain their majority on the city council, and the county board of supervisors is likely to complete its shift toward a democratic majority that started in 2018. The San Diego Union-Tribune's Michael Smolens joins us with some takeaways on why this political shift is happening.

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A Divided Country

Results in the presidential race lingered through the end of the week, as former Vice-President Joe Biden appeared likely to claim the required 270 electoral votes needed to unseat President Donald Trump. However, it wasn't the resounding victory that many polls predicted, and President Trump was able to build his support in some constituencies that historically vote more democratic. KPBS reporter Amita Sharma joins us for a discussion on how the presidential race did little to unite a divided America.

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Voters Have Their Say In North County

Oceanside chose a new mayor and weighed in on a controversial housing development, Poway’s mayor is likely heading to the county board of supervisors, and a whole lot more. Kayla Jimenez covers north county for Voice of San Diego and joins us to talk about some of the election results in communities north of San Diego.

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