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Ingrediente: A Restaurant Uprooted

Part cooking, part travel, part reality show, “Ingrediente” follows dynamic and outspoken Michelin Star chef, Drew Deckman.
Courtesy of Chef Drew Deckman / Jill Bond
Part cooking, part travel, part reality show, “Ingrediente” follows dynamic and outspoken Michelin Star chef, Drew Deckman.

Monday, April 10, 2023 at 10 p.m. on KPBS TV / Stream now with the PBS App

Part cooking, part travel, part reality show, “lngrediente” features Michelin Star chef, Drew Deckman, now a Mexican himself, who opened his namesake restaurant eight years ago under a tree on an organic working ranch in the valley. Follow along as he explores the Guadalupe Valley, finds ingredients, meets local chefs, winemakers, artists, farmers and ranchers. 

The film crew was with Drew when the pandemic hit. The hardship, uncertainty that every restaurant worldwide faced was captured through Drew’s eyes. Whether it’s an oyster or dairy farmer, an abalone or sea bass fisherman, each episode celebrates the sea, the land, the culture and introduces the viewer to the extraordinary and passionate people of the region. 


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Ingrediente: A Restaurant Uprooted

More About The Chef

Dynamic and outspoken Michelin Star chef Drew Deckman continually strives to run a zero kilometer, sustainable, community based restaurant with a kitchen that is completely outside and is solely fueled by wood fire and natural elements, and where the majority of ingredients come from the ranch or nearby sea. His food is a combination of intricately composed plates and rustic elegant dishes.

The guiding force of chef Drew is sustainability. At his restaurant, he is 100 percent committed to the advancement of sustainability and renewable local farming, fishing and ranching - from planting, harvesting, transporting, preparing and recycling. The restaurant has recently been named one of San Pellegrino Discovery 50 Best Restaurants in the World.

Deckman earned his culinary skills under Gastro-master chef, Paul Bocuse and Jacques Maxi min, and mentoring by star teacher and author Madeleine Kamman. He has been an executive chef throughout Europe and earned a Michelin Star in Reinstorf, Germany. Yet, 13 years ago, Deckman chose a large pine tree in the middle of a ranch and vineyard, in a remote valley in Baja California, Mexico to put down his roots.