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Now That San Diego Is Reopening, Will You Go To Concerts, Plays And Other Arts Events?

Confetti falls on fans at a concert at the Observatory North Park on April 19, 2018.
Julia Dixon Evans
Confetti falls on fans at a concert at the Observatory North Park on April 19, 2018.

Tuesday, June 15 marks a major milestone in the COVID-19 pandemic. California is largely returning to normal life. Everyday activities can resume and most businesses and arts venues can fully reopen with “common-sense risk reduction measures,” according to state guidelines.

This is welcome news to many local arts organizations that have suffered significant financial losses during the pandemic. But the question remains, what will a return to normal life mean for attendance at concerts, plays and other arts events? Will audiences go back to what they were before the pandemic?

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KPBS Midday Edition wants to know how the state’s reopening will influence your return to being an audience member for a live performance of an arts event like dance, theater or music. What kinds of shows will you attend? How will capacity or mask restrictions influence your decision? What else will factor into your decision? What questions do you have about attending large public events with or without a mask?

Note: Under the rules of the reopening, vaccinated people will not have to don masks in most settings. However, unvaccinated people must continue masking and there are some settings where everyone will still be required to mask. They include: hospitals; public transit; schools and other youth settings that are indoors; homeless shelters and correctional facilities. Also, the state guidelines allow businesses and other venues to set their own rules and they may require a proof of vaccination or require everyone to wear masks.