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Tracking Covid 19

Tracking COVID-19

San Diego County Data

  • Positive Cases
  • Deaths

Data updates weekly. Local data source: San Diego County Health & Human Services Agency via SANDAG.

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A sign indicating face coverings are required a...

Pushback Challenges Vaccination Requirements At US Colleges

Aug. 3
Tom Davies / Associated Press

The quickly approaching fall semester has America’s colleges under pressure to decide how far they should go to guard their campuses against the coronavirus while navigating legal and political questions and rising infection rates.

Greece's Entire Synchronized Swimming Team Is Out After Positive Coronavirus Tests

Aug. 3
Bill Chappell / NPR

First came news that one athlete had tested positive; three more quickly followed. Now the whole team is being moved to a separate hotel.

Panic-Buying And Transport Lockdowns. In Wuhan, It Feels Like Early Pandemic Again

Aug. 3
Scott Neuman / NPR

In a dramatic move reminiscent of the first days of the coronavirus in China some 19 months ago, flights and trains in and out of the city of 11 million have been halted.

Biden Has Sent Millions Of Vaccines To Nations In Need. Millions More Are Needed

Aug. 3
Tamara Keith / NPR

The number of doses delivered so far puts the U.S. ahead of every other country making donations, but global health experts caution that many millions more are needed to vanquish the pandemic.

White House Calls On States To Do More After Federal Eviction Ban Expires

Aug. 2
Alana Wise / NPR

Democratic allies have called on the Biden administration to extend the federal eviction moratorium, but the White House maintains that its hands are tied by a Supreme Court ruling.

Parklet outside of Nonna in Little Italy neighb...

San Diego Parklets Must Now Be In Compliance, Potential Fees Loom

Aug. 2
By Melissa Mae

Parklets helped San Diego restaurants during the pandemic by providing outdoor dining space. Now they must be brought up to code, which includes permits and removing permanent roofs.

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