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Savage Grace

Julianne Moore delivers a knockout performance in Savage Grace (IFC Films)

Filmmaker Tom Kalin burst on the indie scene in 1992 with a black and white take on the Loeb-Leopold murder case, Swoon. But he's been relatively silent since then, hovering under the radar making shorts and penning a script for photographer Cindy Sherman's Office Killer. But Kalin returns to art house feature films with an adaptation of Natalie Robins' book Savage Grace (opening July 4 at Landmark's Hillcrest Cinemas ). Harkening back to the kind of uncomfortable mother-son relationship of Bertolucci's Luna, Savage Grace offers us Julianne Moore and Eddie Redmayne as a perversely interdependent mother and son. The film boasts another sensational performance by Moore and a welcome return to feature directing by Kalin. Listen to our KPBS Film Club discussion of the film.