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Harry Potter and Zubo

In this version, which supposedly features "new, action-packed sequences" where you get to "fly as Harry Potter, play Quidditch, mix up magical potions," and even duel, according to John Fenno, the game's product manager. Games based off of movies are rarely worth a salt, but according to John there is a crew from the movie dedicated to ensuring the game lives up to the standards of the movie. And the bespectacled magician's creator, J.K. Rowling, is even overseeing the project, so I'll cross my fingers for this one. This new installment of Harry Potter is made for the Wii, so if they can manage to really take advantage of the motion-sensing capabilities of the Wiimote - making it feel like you're really mixing potions, for example - then they'll be well on their way to making a winner. The broom race seemed to be a good start, so we'll see.

John also talked about Zubo , EA's upcoming game for the Nintendo DS. In the game, you travel through Zubolon and pal around with 55 different characters, like the ninja Rising Sun. & A couple of the game's 10 different worlds include a pirate ship and the Wild West. & Winning the battles requires successfully tapping out a beat, so maybe it will even teach you some rhythm. & Although, I think I'm pretty much a lost cause on that issue. & Zubo is "a really fun, laugh out loud experience," says John. & The characters do look fantastic. & And good art is a great start for fun, so keep an eye on this one.