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Teen Critic Recommends Spending Time With Mall Cop


Kevin James is Paul Blart: Mall Cop (Columbia)

By Janeane White

Paul Blart: Mall Cop (opening January 16 throughout San Diego) is definitely one of the funniest movies I've seen in a while. Line after line, scene after scene nothing but subtle comments and actions that keep the audience laughing. What was so great about it was that everyone was able to understand just about all the jokes, and everyone could laugh together. This movie is about a guy who is hypoglycemic and is always in need of sugar. Because of this he failed his test to enter into the police force and became a mall security officer. He swears under his own accord to protect the citizens of the mall and takes that oath very seriously. He works hard and cares about his job. There is also a new girl working at the mall and he has fallen in love. His previous wife was an illegal immigrant and used him to get her green card then left him. Now he is in need of a new sweetie. Life was going good then a new guy joins the security force and Paul is in charge of training him. Everything goes well until one night a bunch of high flying thieves break into the mall to steal its money and get away with it. They take hostages and the only one that can do anything is Paul.


I loved Mall Cop . The things that Paul would do was just hilarious! I don't want to give anything away but take my word when I say it is funny. I think kids would be able to understand some of the jokes but I feel this movie is for more for an older crowd like upper teens and beyond. I also thought that this movie did a good job showing what a modern loser --for lack of better words -- might look like. Paul has no girlfriend, lives with his mom and daughter, doesn't have a cell phone and can't get into the police force. He is made fun of constantly because of his weight and because people think he is weird. Personally I feel that he was weird and I would feel awkward around him too. He likes to say random facts when he gets nervous and when he doesn't pay attention to what he should be doing he usually falls or hits something. I liked how towards the end he becomes a hardcore guy, totally in cop mode, and is ready to take down anything and everything. It was a total transformation from what you see in the beginning.

Paul Blart: Mall Cop (rated PG for some violence, mild crude and suggestive humor, and language) is a good movie and I feel that everyone should see it. It's not a serious film but something you can sit back and relax as you watch. These days, a good comedy is something that everyone needs to unwind and cool down. So I recommend this movie as one of the top to see for this month.

& --Janeane White is a senior at Mount Miguel High School. She enjoys movies and spends all her time at the theater. She is also interested in special effects makeup done in the movies. She is an honors student and is currently working towards early graduation. Some of her favorite movies include Queen of the Damned, Hellboy, The Descent, the Underworld series, and the Saw series.