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Sundance Blog #7

I'm quickly discovering that life at Sundance gets pretty crazy if you win an award. So I may not be able to write as much as I hoped, but I will do my best. Today, I went to a press luncheon and ate a bunch of free food. Then I hung out with this incredible visual artist named Maria Marshall, who is my new go-to friend in London. After that I watched the doc shorts with Annie, who directed an incredible doc on homeless teens in New Orleans. At 8:30 we had another screening of “Short Term,” which was wonderful. We all brought our entire crew up for the Q&A and had a really great time answering questions about our films. And to finish the night off, I was able to watch the film of my good friends from Scotland, “Ma Bar,” which was a beautifully strange story about a 70-year-old weight-lifter and the odd world that he lives in. It was an amazing doc that made me laugh and cringe and wonder why the heck these people are passionate about lifting heavy things into the air. By the end, you may not fully know, but you will feel the urge to shout, "Ma Bar!" I couldn't be more proud to know Adrian and Finlay.

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Destin Cretton is a San Diego-based filmmaker whose short film Short Term 12 was selected to screen at this year's Sundance Film Festival. He will be guest blogging about his experiences there.