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Looking for Something Good to Read this Spring?

Looking for Something Good to Read this Spring?
We've got some reading to recommend in between your bouts of spring cleaning. We'll talk about a number of impressive debut novels, as well as a panoramic look at America in book form and a comprehensive study of debt from an unlikely source, celebrated novelist Margaret Atwood.

Maureen Cavanaugh: Booklovers with busy lives often find themselves caught in a bind. They either have no time to read, or if they happen to have a stolen moment for a book, they can't find anything they want to read.


We will attempt to solve both problems during the rest of this hour on These Days by discussing a number of books that are so good, so different, so inviting, you'll not only find the book, but you'll make the time to read it.

My two guests have at least a half-dozen hand-picked favorites that make up our spring book recommendations. You can view the list of books we recommend on our arts blog Culture Lust.


Tiffany Fox writes a book review column for the Union-Tribune and is a full-time writer for CalIT2 at UC San Diego.

Lucia Silva is the manager of The Book Works bookstore in Del Mar.