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Sesame Street: Telly's New Shoes

2004 Sesame Workshop
Richard Termine
2004 Sesame Workshop

Airs Saturday, July 25 at 10 a.m. on KPBS TV

In this episode, Abby meets Chris to show off her new shoes that she got from the Shoe Fairy. When Telly walks in without any shoes, Abby tells him that he should make a shoe wish so the Shoe Fairy will come and give him his first pair of shoes. Telly can't decide on which pair of shoes he wants so he tells the Shoe Fairy to surprise him. The Shoe Fairy picks out running shoes that make Telly's feet run faster and faster all over Sesame Street. They decide running shoes are not the right shoes for Telly. Instead, the shoe fairy gives Telly ballet shoes that make him leap and twirl. This makes Telly very dizzy, so finally the Shoe Fairy gives him some sensible brown shoes with a heel. Surprisingly, these are elevator shoes and they make Telly go higher and higher. Telly shouts that he is too high. Upset that there is just no pleasing Telly, the Shoe Fairy takes the shoes away and disappears. When Telly returns to the ground, he realizes that, without shoes, his feet feel great and his toes can roam free. Monsters don't need shoes to protect their feet like people and fairies do. They can do everything in their monster feet! THEME: Literacy, Mathematics, S, 10

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Sesame Street airs daily at 10 a.m. on KPBS TV.