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Orphan Creeps Out Teen Critic

The new horror film "Orphan"
The new horror film "Orphan"

New Horror Film Adopts a Familiar Formula

"Orphan" (opened July 24 throughout San Diego) is a seriously creepy movie! The child of the title is extremely demented. The movie is about this family that has two children and had a still birth for the third. They decided it would be good to adopt a child to give their love to this new child that was meant for their stillborn Jessica. The mother Kate has just recovered from being a serious alcoholic and feels that adopting a child will help her even more. So Kate and her husband John go to the orphanage to choose their new family member. There is a party going on where they can see all the children and hopefully find the right one for them.  John wanders away and finds a lonely girl painting and singing to herself in a room far from the party. This little girl's name is Ester. She is kind and polite so Kate and John decide that she is the one for them and they take her home. Slowly they come to discover that she isn’t the little angel that everyone thinks she is. She is originally from Russia. So Kate wants to find out more about where Ester came from and who she might really be because all kinds of strange “accidents” keep occurring around her. The parents soon learn that she is completely and totally not who they thought she was.

"Orphan" (rated R for disturbing violent content, some sexuality and language) is seriously freaky and wrong on so many levels. That's why I loved it! It makes people think twice about ever wanting to adopt because you have no idea what you’re getting into. I already dislike children and this movie gives me even more reasons to want to avoid them. This movie isn’t exactly scary, just very very creepy. What was cool was that the director and the writer of the movie were both in attendance at the premiere watching the audience’s reaction to their masterpiece. It made me feel special that I was a part of the audience that helped let these guys know they did a good job on their movie. I think that if you’re into exciting movies with twisted plot lines then you would love this movie. It grabs your attention from the first moment right up till the end. The opening scenes are of Kate going to into labor and these evil doctors working on her, which turns out to be a horrible nightmare. I loved that it had the audience already pulled into the movie so quickly. So like I said if you’re into crazy movies then this one is defiantly for you.

--Janeane White recently graduated from Mount Miguel High School.