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Daybreakers Trailer


New Bloodsucker Film Not Previewed for Press

Daybreakers Trailer

A film about vampires in which the bloodsuckers don't sparkle and the studio won't screen it for the San Diego press? What's up with that? Since I can't review "Daybreakers" (opening January 8 throughout San Diego) before it opens, let me at least post the trailer for you.

I can't believe Lionsgate would be so cruel as to not screen a vampire film for the press but that is the case. Now some may suspect there is no press screening because the film -- well pardon my pun -- sucks. Or it may just be a case of why bother, the press won't really help or hinder this genre title.

The film is directed by the Sierig Brothers who made the flawed but occasionally entertaining "Undead." But the real attraction in the film -- aside from the non-sparkling vampires -- is the cast. I mean a film with Sam Neill, Willem Dafoe (with a crossbow no less!), and Ethan Hawke. Fun cast.

Anyway, I just wanted to highlight the film for any of you vampire lovers out there who might be looking for some bloodsuckers with real teeth and not pale teens swooning for love. This one looks like it has the potential to be fun and maybe even a bit stylish. I'll find this weekend and report back.