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Space 4 Art Generates A Buzz At Art Labs

Space 4 Art founder Chris Warr goes over the show cues with “Adjacent Possible” curator Patrick Stewart.
Angela Carone
Space 4 Art founder Chris Warr goes over the show cues with “Adjacent Possible” curator Patrick Stewart.

Space 4 Art, San Diego’s year-old East Village creative commune will serve as the hub for this year’s Art Labs series (the largest event by far, with 75 artists and 35 open studios) happening citywide as part of the greater ART SAN DIEGO Contemporary Art Fair (running September 1-4 at the Hilton San Diego Bayfront). The warehouse turned artist work and living space will play host to multiple events happening this Saturday, September 3. (We wrote about Space 4 Art last year when it opened.)

If there is one place to check out during Art Labs, Space 4 Art is it–with everything from indoor gallery exhibitions to outdoor multi-media performances to live dance performances, there’s surely something for everyone. Amidst the international galleries inside the Contemporary Art Fair, Space 4 Art will alternatively exhibit more local artists. Check out the guide below for more on all the happenings at Space 4 Art:

Indoor Galleries (Inside)


The work of accomplished L.A. painter, Marie Thibeault, will be displayed in two indoor galleries in the warehouse. Thibeault’s large-scale complex abstractions show fractured images of urban scenes after earthquakes and other natural disasters, something we, as Californians, are all too familiar with.

8 x 8 (Outside)

The curated show 8 x 8 will feature artists from Portland, Seattle and Oakland as well as local artists including Lael Corbin, Brian Dick and Wendell Kling. Each artist was given an 8' by 8' wooden cube constructed especially for the Art Lab and the results range from photographic documentation of a taco shop interior to a dance performance to a mad scientist's giant pinhole camera. Prepare to enter the cube.

Adjacent Possible (Onstage)

"Adjacent Possible" is a multimedia, multi-stage performance based on the work of Stuart Kauffman, a theoretical biologist at the Santa Fe Institute. Space 4 Art built a three-story stage to house this performance, which will employ nine projectors to display video and still images around the stage, while dancers, musicians, shadow puppetry, and spoken word performances take place. This multi-sensory work should be a spectacle.


The multiple exhibitions and events at Space 4 Art run on Saturday September 3 from 5-10pm

Here's our guide to all the free Art Labs and a few survival tips for your weekend.