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America Revealed: Made In The U.S.A.

Courtesy of Mark Edward Atkinson for AMERICA REVEALED
Workers in a steel mill in Newport News, Va. Using aerial footage, high-definition video and real-time satellite data, AMERICA REVEALED traces the movements and communications that miraculously come together to manufacture goods, transport people and materials, grow tons of food and power our increasingly tech-savvy nation.

Airs Wednesday, November 6, 2013 at 11 p.m. on KPBS TV

AMERICA REVEALED takes viewers on a four-hour journey high above the American landscape to reveal the country as never seen before.


Explore the map and find AMERICA REVEALED stories near you. Learn more about what makes America tick through the stories of individuals who work behind the scenes to keep our country running. We have stories from all over the country, click on your city and discover the important work someone might be doing right outside your frontdoor.


Technology expert and communications attorney Yul Kwon (winner of SURVIVOR "Cook Islands”) hosts this exciting new PBS series that travels through time, space and systems to reveal a nation of interdependent and intricately interwoven networks that feed and power the nation, produce millions of goods, transport people great distances and still come together to make America work.

These networks all rely on vast, complex and precisely calibrated systems, yet most Americans have never had the chance to observe or understand them. Until now.

"Made In The U.S.A." repeats on Wednesday, November 6, 2013 at 11 p.m. - American manufacturing has undergone a massive revolution over the past 20 years, becoming — gloomy perceptions to the contrary — the number-one manufacturing nation on Earth. Cross the country with host Yul Kwon to look at traditional and not-so-traditional types of manufacturing.

Along the way, meet the men and women who create the world's best and most iconic products, engineers who are reinventing the American auto industry, steelworkers who brave intense heat to accommodate radical new ideas about recycling and engineers who are re-imagining the microchip.

Visit a small start-up company that is building personalized robots — machines that may one day reshape our homes and offices.


Investigate the emerging notion that manufacturing itself is changing — from a system based on the movement and assembly of raw materials to a system in which ideas and information are the raw materials of a new economy.

Past Episodes: "Food Nation"; "Nation On The Move"; and "Electric Nation"