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America's Test Kitchen From Cook's Illustrated: Short Ribs And Chops Hit The Grill

Host Christopher Kimball and test kitchen cook Julia Collin Davison at the grill.
Courtesy of American Public Television
Host Christopher Kimball and test kitchen cook Julia Collin Davison at the grill.

Airs Saturday, April 19, 2014 at 10 a.m. on KPBS TV

Christopher Kimball and the cast of AMERICA’S TEST KITCHEN FROM COOK'S ILLUSTRATED, the most-watched cooking show on public television and a 2012 Daytime Emmy® winner, use a common-sense, practical approach to solve everyday cooking problems and help viewers save time and money.

America’s Test Kitchen Feed

America’s Test Kitchen Feed is a destination for free recipes and food stories from the crew at America’s Test Kitchen–we’ll be featuring everything from how to make homemade bacon jam to how to solve kitchen problems with a hairdryer. You’ll also get a glimpse of exclusive, behind-the-scenes snapshots of life at the Test Kitchen.

Kimball and test kitchen cooks Bridget Lancaster, Julia Collin Davison and Rebecca Hays reveal the basics of home cooking while preparing dozens of tried-and-true recipes, including prime rib and French-style pot-roasted pork loin, pasta all'Amatriciana, Sichuan stir-fried pork in garlic sauce, grill-roasted turkey, classic chicken salad, French apple cake, carrot layer cake and raspberry sorbet.


The popular segments viewers love and trust also return, including food tastings with Jack Bishop, equipment testing with Adam Ried, gadget reviews with Lisa McManus and food science with Guy Crosby.

"Short Ribs And Chops Hit The Grill" - Test cook Julia Collin Davison show host Christopher Kimball how to make Easy Grilled Boneless Pork Chops. Then, equipment expert Adam Ried reveals his top pick for pressure cookers in the Equipment Corner.

And finally, test cook Bridget Lancaster shows Chris how to make the best Grill-Roasted Beef Short Ribs, and gadget guru Lisa reviews her favorite knife accessories.

Episodes from past seasons are now available for online viewing. AMERICA’S TEST KITCHEN is on Facebook, and you can follow @TestKitchen on Twitter.

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