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NATURE: Love In The Animal Kingdom

Two ring-tailed lemurs in an embrace.
Courtesy of ©Rosie Thomas/BBC
Two ring-tailed lemurs in an embrace.

Airs Wednesday, Nov. 25, 2015 at 8 p.m. on KPBS TV

Animals dance, sing, flirt and compete with everything they’ve got to find and secure a mate. For many, the all-important bonds they share as a couple are what enable the next generation to survive. Can we call these bonds love? In this delightful, provocative look at the love life of animals, watch the feminine wiles of a young gorilla, the search for Mr. Right among a thousand flamingos, the open “marriages” of blue-footed boobies, the soap opera arrangements of gibbons and all the subtle, outrageous, romantic antics that go into finding a partner.

Past episodes of NATURE are available for online viewing. NATURE is on Facebook, Tumblr and you can follow @PBSNature on Twitter.

Dance of the Blue-Footed Booby: Love In The Animal Kingdom

Welcome to the Lemur Lounge Bar


"Ring-tailed male lemurs find a mate by outstinking each other