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ANTIQUES ROADSHOW: Charleston, West Virginia - Hour 2

Andrew Brunk (right) appraises a cow horn settee, ca. 1990 in Charleston, W.Va.
Courtesy of Meredith Nierman for WGBH, © WGBH 2015
Andrew Brunk (right) appraises a cow horn settee, ca. 1990 in Charleston, W.Va.

Airs Monday, Nov. 5, 2018 at 9 p.m. on KPBS TV

Part adventure, part history lesson, and part treasure hunt, ANTIQUES ROADSHOW is a 13-time Emmy® Award-nominee and PBS' most-watched ongoing series.

Mark L. Walberg hosts.

Hour 2 in Charleston features highlights such as a collection of Marilyn Monroe stills from some of her greatest cinematic hits; a British rainbow spatterware pot, ca. 1860, purchased for $10; and an 1849 ship's log and register chronicling the journey from Boston to San Francisco during the Gold Rush.


Can you guess which is valued at $40,000 to $50,000?

Also, host Mark L. Walberg and appraiser Kathleen Bailey travel to the Huntington Museum of Art to discuss antique Ohio Valley glass.

ANTIQUES ROADSHOW touched down in Charleston and uncovered many folk art gems from the heart of Appalachia! View a behind-the-scenes slideshow.


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