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Ask KPBS/Arts: Who Should I Follow On Social Media?

KPBS/Arts is a calendar dedicated to local arts events.
KPBS/Arts is a calendar dedicated to local arts events.

This week's Ask KPBS/Arts question is all about creating a well-balanced social media experience for yourself.

I'm trying to fill my social media with more arts and culture, who or what should I follow? - Christa T.

Is this a result of political overload? Or just too many pictures of green juice on your feed? One simple way to mix in some arts is to find things you already like, whether it's a band or a theater or an art gallery.

My Instagram feed is 85 percent ballet, 10 percent fashion and 5 percent cute kids. I realize it's very niche, but isn't that what social media is for?

Some of my favorite Instagram accounts are:

Isabella Boylston, principal dancer at American Ballet Theatre.

Sunday plans: Strand and chill @ballerinaproject_ ??? @strandbookstore #isabellaboylstonbp

A post shared by Isabella Boylston (@isabellaboylston) on

The musical "Hamilton" is always entertaining and engaging with its fans.

The innovative Alonzo King Lines Ballet dance company.

International fashion editor and overall glamorous person Giovanna Engelbert.

All Crystal everything ??????@gucci

A post shared by Giovanna Engelbert (@bat_gio) on

And the fun, behind-the-scenes shots from The San Diego Opera.

Our first staged rehearsal with @sandiegosymphony is tonight! #Falstaff #sdofalstaff #sdopera ?by @ironmannion

A post shared by San Diego Opera (@sandiegoopera) on

Over on Twitter, I have a more balanced mix of art, theater, music, news and pop culture.

Some of my locally-based favorites are:

La Jolla Playhouse (@ljplayhouse) because it's a good mix of self-promotion, Broadway news and behind-the-scenes photos; San Diego Union-Tribune theater critic James Hebert (@JimHebert) for theater reviews and sharing this photo of Justin Long in hair curlers; and Balboa Park's Mingei Museum (@MingeiMuseum) for great photos and some personality.

Some other non-local favorites on Twitter:

New York Times Arts (@nytimesarts) makes me read about things I didn't even know I wanted to read about, like funk jazz; New York City Ballet (@nycballet) is surprisingly educational (did you know the sprung floors at Paris Opera Ballet are made from tennis balls?) plus they have some of the most beautiful backstage photos.

Margaret Lyons (@margeincharge) is a TV and pop culture writer I love. We don't know each other, but I feel like she gets me. Same goes for NPR's Glen Weldon (@ghweldon).

And, of course, if you'd like to follow me I'm ninagarin on Twitter and Instagram.

How does a film festival work? What are good concerts for kids? Send me your events-related questions and they'll be answered each Thursday.