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The Homeless Chorus Speaks

Voices of Our City Choir
Courtesy of Michele Zousmer
Voices of Our City Choir

Thursday, July 27, 2023 at 8:30 p.m on KPBS TV / Stream now with the PBS App

This documentary shows that there is music on our city streets. That the homeless are not just a problem, they are like you and me. They dance, they sing, and have dreams and aspirations. Life is tough on the streets, but hope has come in the form of a homeless chorus. Founded by musicians and homeless advocates, Nina Deering and Steph Johnson, this film chronicles their efforts to bring people off the street to a small church to sing and perform at venues throughout San Diego.

The Homeless Chorus Speaks - Full Documentary

While singing inspirational songs such as "Over the Rainbow," "We are Family," their voices soar, and the harsh realities of the street evaporate.


Suicides have been thwarted because of the friendships that have been formed. Together, in their shared voices, they find joy and family. And from their music comes the power to change lives. In the honest and riveting interviews of the members of the chorus, they talk about their backgrounds; why they are homeless; the inhumanity of homelessness; their hopes and dreams; and what they each think the solution to the homeless problem is."The Homeless Chorus Speaks" shows us that as long as there is music, and people to share it with, there is hope.

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Directed/ Produced by Susan Polis Schutz. Editor: Annukka Lilja. Supervising Editor: Bret Granato A.C.E.