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KEN KRAMER'S ABOUT SAN DIEGO: Otay Watch Company & Mystery At San Diego State

Courtesy of Ken Kramer
Host Ken Kramer

On this episode of KEN KRAMER'S ABOUT SAN DIEGO, we take a look back at the Otay Watch Company; we remember a pioneering doctor in Alpine; and open the door to a campus mystery at San Diego State.

Courtesy of Chula Vista Heritage Museum
If you have one of these, lucky you! The Otay Watch Company made more or less precision pocket time pieces at a factory in Otay Mesa 100 years ago. We go back for a look on KEN KRAMER'S ABOUT SAN DIEGO!

Plus, get an update on several stories About San Diego, along with viewer curiosities and and memories of our county in the old days.

Courtesy of Ken Kramer
Remember Blue Chip Stamps? They were popular trading stamps offered by San Diego merchants in the 1960s and 70s.

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