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Rick Steves’ Egypt: Yesterday & Today

Rick Steves in Alexandria, Egypt’s second city.
Rick Steves in Alexandria, Egypt’s second city.

On "Egypt: Yesterday & Today," host Rick Steves sails beyond Europe, exploring the historic and cultural wonders of Egypt. In the teeming metropolis of Cairo, we climb to the center of a pyramid, greet the Sphinx, and marvel at King Tut’s gold.

In the fabled city of Alexandria, we venture through a wonderland of back lanes, enjoy a shisha, and stroll a Mediterranean promenade. In Luxor, we revel in the glories of the pharaohs — their temples and their hidden tombs. And on the Nile, after sailing on a timeless felucca, we upgrade to a riverboat and kick back while enjoying iconic views of palm trees, minarets, and rustic villages. Our finale: Ramesses II's magnificent temple ruins at Abu Simbel.  

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RICK STEVES' EUROPE: Egypt: Yesterday and Today

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