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NATURE: THE ALPS: Winter's Fortress

Europe’s biggest cat, the Eurasian lynx, is an elusive and solitary hunter.
Courtesy of Toni Nemeth, © Terra Mater Factual Studios & Wild Nature Film
Europe’s biggest cat, the Eurasian lynx, is an elusive and solitary hunter.

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Experience the hostile and bitter cold ecosystems of the Alps, shaped by snow blizzards and avalanches on “Winter's Fortress.”

NATURE presents a two-part series, "THE ALPS." The Alps connect eight countries, spanning 750 miles from the Mediterranean Sea to the Adriatic Sea.

From sea level to peaks rising higher than 12,000 feet, with many of the world’s environments located within its boundaries, each mountain chain is more imposing and more diverse than the next.

Discover how Alpine lynx, golden eagles, ibex, crocuses, griffon vultures and more face extreme seasonal fluctuations – from the volatile thunderstorms and landslides of summer to the avalanches and frozen temperatures of winter.

On every mountain slope, ridge or meadow, nature’s drama is played out as animals fight for their survival in Europe’s majestic mountains.

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