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Balboa Park Memories

KPBS is collecting your Balboa Park memories as the city marks the 100th anniversary of Balboa Park's 1915 Panama-California Exposition. Share yours here: Tell us about your Balboa Park memory

'Avengers Of Pearl Harbor' Sworn In At Balboa Park

The ceremony was one of many happening simultaneously across U.S. during WWII

Maurice Young was the 3,000th man to enlist in the Navy in San Diego following the attack at Pearl Harbor on Dec. 7, 1941. He was one of 93 enlistees sworn in at the Balboa Park Spreckels Organ Pavilion on June 7, 1942, six months after the attack.

Celebrating My Son's Fleeting Childhood In Balboa Park

My son and I love visiting Balboa Park during summer days to explore the butterfly garden, botanical gardens and outdoor spaces of the park.

My Summer As An Intern At Balboa Park's Starlight Bowl

In the summer of 1993, Karl Flores decided to explore his creative side and interned at the Starlight Bowl.

Trees In Balboa Park Make It Our Own Garden Of Eden

In the mid-'80s, in my late teens, I thought landscape architecture might be something I'd like to do so I enrolled in a trees class at Mesa College. Our trips to Balboa Park were my favorite sessions — where we were introduced to all the glorious trees living there.

I'm Happier When I'm At Balboa Park

I love Balboa Park so much I had to get married there. My husband and I were married at the chapel at the San Diego Museum of Man and had a small dinner reception at The Prado.

Married In Balboa Park In A Hippie Wedding

Maureen and I were married June 20,1977, in Balboa Park. We had a budget of about $200 for the entire affair.

Finding 'The One' In Balboa Park

We found one of the best dogs we have ever had, Roscoe, at an adoption event in Balboa Park. Roscoe loved Balboa Park's dog parks, joined us for organ concerts and most of all, he loved to wade in the fountain by the (Reuben H.) Fleet theater.

A Wonderful Childhood Memory: Thearle's Piano Festival

Thearle's Piano Festival took place at Balboa Park's Starlight Theatre. It involved children of different age groups playing on 100 pianos on live television.

Carousel Spins A Two Generation Love Story In Balboa Park

My husband loved to ride the Balboa Park Carousel as a child. His mother met and fell in love with the man running the carousel and later got married in Balboa Park. We followed in their footsteps and also married in the park.

The San Diego Museum Of Art Continually Fills Me With Wonder

The San Diego Museum of Art continually fills me with wonder, and simultaneously moves me to focus deeply on each exhibition.

Plays At Balboa Park's Starlight Bowl Spark Vivid Memories

I am lucky enough to have many, many wonderful memories of Balboa Park, as I spent much of my childhood in San Diego — and even worked at the Museum of Man as an adult — but one of the most vivid is of going to see plays at the Starlight Bowl.

Childhood Dance Dream Realized In Balboa Park

As a child, I longed to take tap dancing classes, but my family couldn't afford them. When I was 46, I started taking beginning tap at Balboa Park, and a whole new world opened up to me.

Something For Everyone At Balboa Park — From Disc Golf To A Velodrome

It's truly a city treasure, and I always leave knowing something I didn't know before I came.

Balboa Park Made For A Beautiful Backdrop For Flash Mob Proposal

Allison and I have been together for four years, and I knew that I wanted to propose to her in a very special and unique way.

Some Of My Greatest Memories Were Made In Balboa Park

These memories include visiting the park as a child, getting married in the Japanese Botanical Garden and taking my sons to the park.

I Knew I Wanted To Get Married In Balboa Park Before I Had A Potential Husband

When I saw the wishing well at The Prado I thought, "I'm going to get married here someday. Just have to find the guy."