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Reporters Discuss Life in Tijuana's Drug War

Reporters Discuss Life in Tijuana's Drug War

Tom Fudge : Imagine waking up one morning, going outside and seeing six dead bodies lying on the sidewalk, or in the street in front of your house. The dead men have their hands and feet bound, and their heads lie in large circles of drying blood. If you live in Tijuana, you may not have to imagine this, because you may have seen it.

Since the end of September, more than 300 people have been murdered in Tijuana. Most of the dead have been connected to one of two powerful drug cartels. But there have been innocent victims as well. And some of the bodies in this drug war have been found in San Diego county.

KPBS has begun a special reporting project in cooperation with The project is called "Border Battle: Bringing the Drug War Home." The idea is to try to understand the violence in Tijuana - what's causing it and how it's affecting the lives of normal people in that city.


Amy Isackson , border reporter for KPBS News.

Vicente Calderón , editor of .