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Border & Immigration

Judge's Immigration Ruling Leaves San Diegans In Limbo

Judge's Immigration Ruling Leaves San Diegans In Limbo

San Diegans from faith, labor and legal communities rallied outside a Catholic church Tuesday calling the latest efforts to block President Barack Obama's actions on immigration just a bump in the road.

Dozens of people gathered on the steps of Christ the King Church in Logan Heights, a community made up of mostly Latino, black and Asian people. They held signs supporting the expansion of federal programs to provide temporary relief to immigrant family members threatened by deportation.

Gloria Morales, who is a member of the church, said delaying Obama's plan doesn't make sense because the people are already here.


"Everything that you buy more likely has been touched by somebody who doesn't have documents. Your fast food, the vegetables, who takes care of your sick people, your babies, we are working families," Morales said.

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Twenty-six states led by Texas are challenging the Obama's authority to protect young immigrants if they were brought to the U.S. illegally as children. Brenda Aguirre, 28, is one of them. She moved to San Diego when she was 4.

"I'm keeping the faith that there's going to be a solution because I think there's a solution for everything," Aguirre said.

The White House said it will appeal the ruling to block the president's executive action, which was set to take effect Wednesday. The ruling now leaves thousands of immigrants who call San Diego home wondering what will happen next.


"We're not here looking to steal something," Morales said. "We're here looking for the dream — the American dream and the possibility of a better life for ourselves, our kids, families and community."

The group is calling on Congress to pass a real immigration reform bill that provides a permanent solution to keep families together.