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Tough Economy Having Positive Impact on State's Electricity Supply

There’s at least one silver lining to the recession this summer: Reduced energy demand.

Vacant homes and empty office spaces mean less electricity is being used. Gregg Fishman is with California ISO, the organization that runs the state’s power grid. He says demand is down a little bit thanks in part to the tough economy:

“Obviously we hope that that situation reverses itself for the economic factors, but in the meantime, this summer, it means a reduced load,” says Fishman.


California is facing a third year of drought – which reduces the state’s hydro-electric capacity. But Fishman says the cool June has helped to slow down the snowmelt in the Sierra. He says the state has also added about 1,500 megawatts of new electricity generation in the last year. One megawatt will power 750 to 1,000 homes.

Fishman also reminds people to reduce their power use when possible – especially during the electricity rush hour of three to six in the afternoon.