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Virtual Stock Pays Real Money To High School Students

Nearly 200 students at Chula Vista High School split $10,000 for winning a “stock market game” in their economics class.

The student teams were given $900,000 in virtual money to purchase and sell stock in real time.

The teams that made the most fictional profits won the most real money. The lesson was so successful that every student who participated received up to $100 in a cash reward.


Tom Hassey is a former businessman and the teacher who came up with the stock market game. He said financial concepts are easier to learn when they’re practical.

“I teach my kids balance sheets. How to buy a home, how to buy a car, how to understand the world of business—that evolved into learning the stock market game,” explained Hassey.

Jim Morris, an investor in companies such as “Ross Stores for Less” donated the $10,000 after guest lecturing at the school.