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Preuss School Celebates 10 Years

Preuss School Celebates 10 Years
The Preuss School, a public charter middle and high school run by UCSD, has come a long way in its short 10-year history. We'll talk about its focus on getting low-income kids to college and the challenges that the recession and pressures to success put on the school.

Maureen Cavanaugh: Since its beginnings in 1999, The Preuss charter school on the UC-San Diego campus had been steadily winning awards and gaining recognition within the national academic community. Nothing but blue skies were in the forecast as the school moved close to its 10th anniversary.


And then, last year, a scandal that challenged the core mission of Preuss, a school dedicated to the academic success of low-income students.

But in just a few short months, it seems that the school has almost completely recovered from its troubles. Older, wiser with a new principal, and still a considerable record of achievement, Preuss School leaders say they are ready to learn from the past, move on and celebrate 10 remarkable years.


Scott Barton, principal of The Preuss School.

Amanda Esquivel, senior at UCSD and a 2005 graduate of The Preuss School.