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Grier "Likely Pick" for Houston Job

San Diego Unified School Superintendent, Terry Grier
San Diego Unified School Superintendent, Terry Grier

Media reports from Texas indicate San Diego Unified School Superintendent Terry Grier is the "likely pick" to head a Houston public school district. Grier has been in San Diego just over a year.

The Houston Chronicle says Grier is emerging as the frontrunner to take over the Houston Independent School District. A reporter at Houston's public radio station confirms that, saying Grier could be named the sole finalist for the job as soon as tomorrow.

There have been rumors in San Diego Unified that Grier has been looking elsewhere, but Grier himself has downplayed those concerns declaring his intention to be here for the long haul.

Grier became superintendent in San Diego in March 2008. He's had a tense relationship with the teachers union. He also is working with a school board that changed hands less than a year after he was hired.

Grier was a public school superintendent in North Carolina for about eight years before he took the job in San Diego. San Diego Unified school board members and school district officials were unavailable for comment.

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